The work is composed by an analogue metronome‭, ‬an HD screen‭, ‬a computer and digital video frames‭. ‬The musical apparatus‭, ‬technically modified by a wireless device‭, ‬has been synchronized with the computer‭. ‬The data sent by the metronome into the computer control the video edition in real time‭, ‬adapting the duration of the takes to the tempo chosen by the spectator‭ (if the device is stop, the sequence also stops generating a loop in the last played shot, as it’s shown in the images bellow). ‬Consequently‭, ‬the users can modify the rhythm — thus‭, ‬the sense — of the image sequence‭. ‬Inspired in Robert Bresson’s ideas about automatism and the subordination of desires and thought to mechanical functioning‭, ‬the work’s main character is an apparatus‭, ‬the metronome‭, ‬which generates rhythms and organizes the audiovisual editing of corporal movements completely subordinate to the apparatus’‭ ‬will‭.

*Produced in collaboration with A.N & N.I for for ARCO09, Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid [Galería Vanguardia, Bilbao, Spain].