The disasters” was a specific series of installations commissioned by a museum of contemporary art (MEIAC, Spain, 1996). The whole series deal with a critical reading of the way it’s represented violence of war in cinema and mass media system.

«The reality constructed and presented by technologies, that is to say mediated reality, transforms the subject into a second-order observer, as Niklas Luhmann suggested, in the sense of an observation of the observation. When the ideological calling of suspicion is wiped out, the questioning of the truthfulness of the realities relayed by the media also disappears, as they are regarded as “true realities”. The second-order observer constructs his “reality” on the reality constructed by the media. He is the subject who has accepted the substitution of seeing-through-one’s-own-eyes for seeing-through-the-media’s-eyes, the substitution of living in the reality generated by devices for generating the history of devices.3 Marino’s generative works bring us face to face with this dynamics of media societies.» (Giannetti, Claudia, «Contingencies of The Disasters», in Nor in this case, MEIAC, Badajoz, 1998.)

The project included a book with a comprehensive reflection on the work. Click the links bellow [01, 02, etc.] to get more information about each installation. Go to “Catalogue” section to download the book.